Stacy DawnAuthor Stacy Dawn talks about her short eStories and her upcoming full-lenght novel. Romance and sport can’t live together, you said? Read that!

Hi Stacy! How are you doing? Could you please introduce yourself to our readers?
Thanks, I’m doing great! Well, I’m a romance author, which is good considering I’m a hopeless romantic. I live in Southern Ontario, Canada in a small house out in the country with my husband and two young sons.

If you could describe yourself with three words…
Compassionate, honest, goofy

You’re Libra, aren’t you? I heard they’re diplomatic, romantic but quite indecisive. Are you a typical Libra?
Oh yes, very typical. I’m always trying to keep the peace when I can’t even make up my own mind LOL.

Your short stories are published as eBooks, could you please talk about them, for those who don’t exactly know how it works…
Basically, it’s like going to a bookstore on your computer. For instance, you could go to The Wild Rose Press website at and click on their bookstore then pick out a book to buy (try Stacy Dawn’s books…I hear she’s got some fun stories) When ordered, you download the book onto your computer, open up the file and start reading. They have covers, dedications, and everything like a normal book but your bookshelves don’t get overloaded.

How did you get published? Did you want to be ePublished at first?
I’ve always wanted to write and be published. I sold a few stories to various magazines and was working on longer pieces when I heard of The Wild Rose Press. I submitted and thankfully, they liked what they read. No actually, ePublishing is new to me too but in all honesty, I love it. The Wild Rose Press also do print books as well which are now available through so it’s like having the best of both the eBook and print world

Tell us a bit more about your latest story, “Sold!”…
Sold! is a funny story about the indecision of making that first move…does he like me or is it all a fantasy in my head?

What do you like in writing romance? What would you say to those who say “romance isn’t a serious genre”?
First, I’d say they were nuts. Romance is a HUGE percentage of book sales and publishing. I like writing it because of what’s called the HEA—happily ever after endings. No matter what problems your characters face, in the end they will find a way to make it together. Like in life, it’s never easy but it is possible.

Your upcoming eBook is called “A Matching Fancy”… can you tell us more?
This is another short story. It involves a woman who, while watching her niece at a wedding thinks love is only for the young…until an outspoken guest shows her differently. Watch out for the little twist in the tale!

And I also heard that there will be a full-length novel coming out in print, soon…
Oh yes! This will be my first full-length novel published and I am so excited. Wanna Make a Bet?–When aspiring artist and purposefully single Sophie Montgomery mutters those four fateful words, her sexy neighbor, Jay Coltrane, pounces on the opportunity to prove she’s not as immune to him as she thinks. Before she knows it, Sophie finds herself not only betting against a seduction, she’s betting against her own ability to keep her dreams intact and a certain luscious landscaper out of them. It will be coming out in mid 2007.

I heard that eBooks publishing will grow faster and faster… What do you think about it?
I’d have to agree. There are many products like ebook readers on the market now that make it so easy to download your books onto it and take them with you on trips, commuting, the bus, whatever. And with today’s technology, most can hold over two hundred books—can’t stuff that many into your knapsack and haul them around very easily LOL.

Do you think eBooks will take the paperback books’ place soon?
As much as I like eBooks, I still enjoy curling up on the couch with a paperbound book in hand so in all honesty, I would hope for a happy medium and not one taking over the other.

What’s the greatest thing about being ePublished? Any bad sides?
One of the first things learned when starting to submit your work is patience and the ability to wait and wait and wait and wait. Because everything is done electronically, the process for ePublishing is a lot faster than print publishing. There is still a lot of waiting time but it’s probably cut in half. The bad side is that there are still a great number of people who don’t know about ePublishing, others who refuse to give it a try because of their loyalty to print books, or simply those who don’t have access to a computer. So promoting your stories can be hard and sometimes limited.

Isn’t it sometimes, let’s say, sad, not to be able to “hold” your work in your hands? (that’s a thought I always had about ePublishing).
That is a consideration and I’m thankfully with a publisher that does do print books as well but yes, most of my stories being eBooks shorts will never be crushed against my chest in ecstatic excitement. But, then I get an email from a reader saying they loved it and you know, that’s my real dream come true.

How do you work (where, when, how…)?
My desk is shoved up against a little wall in the sportsroom. Yes, I said ‘sportsroom’. My husband is a sports-aholic and the room is filled with all sorts of memorabilia, posters etc. Luckily, I face a big window so I get to see the luscious countryside instead. I write mostly during the day, an hour or so at a time in between feeding, playing with, and refereeing the kids. I’m not much of a night owl because they like to get up very early in the morning so I usually only write at night if I’m on a deadline. I find if I balance my time then we’re all happy. I’m half punster/half plotter, which means some stories I just sit down and start typing where other stories I like to lay out a solid outline before I start.

Would you like to add something, Stacy?
I would urge everyone to give eBooks a try. I’m not saying everyone is going to like them but I think they will surprise a lot of people too. I also love to hear from readers and writers. I can be contacted through my website at And most important, I want to say a big thank you to you, Veronika! I’ve had fun.

And now the nothing-to-do-with-books question : You’ve just found 100 $ in your pocket, how will you use that money?
I’d take twenty of it to splurge in a stationary store (I LOVE pens, papers, and nik-naks) then, sad to say, the rest would probably go to regular things like groceries, bills, or new clothes for the boys who grow like weeds.

“Tea or Coffee?”

Saturday evening. Going out or reading a book ?Read a book.
Holidays. Beach or Mountains ?Beach
Country or City ?Country
Watching a movie. Comedy or Drama (or something else ?) ?Romantic Comedy.
Shy or Easy-going ?Half and half
Serious or Funny ?I like to think I’m seriously funny LOL but of course I’m also delusional.
Traveler or not ?Not. I admit I’m a homebody.
Sporty or not ?I don’t have a choice in this house. I’m not very sporty but am learning quickly
The leader in the group or not ?Leader, usually by default


TV show: Survivor
Movie : While You Were Sleeping
Book : I Will Survive by Samantha Connolly
Music : Country
Food : Chocolate
City : New York at Christmas
Favorite place to write: Living room
Quote or motto : For safety sake. “Better pack an extra snack for the boys for safety sake.” “Better take another once over the manuscript for safety sake.” “For safety sake, you better not tell anyone you have character voices talking to you in your head” Things like that LOL.

Thank you, Stacy!
Stacy’s website


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