The Magic Medallion by Mary Cunningham

Posted: June 16, 2007 in Fantasy, Kids, Veronika Asks Reviews

“Cynthia’s Attic : The Magic Medallion” by Mary Cunningham

Do you remember Gus and Cynthia, two girls living in the 60’s, who discovered a magic trunk they can use to travel in the past? The two girls are back in a second story, The Magic Medallion. The story takes place about a week after girl’s first travel. Now, they will to deal with “sinister clowns, stalkers on horseback, mystical forests, and the creepy, crawling curse”.

Those who loved The Missing Locket will enjoy the Magic Medallion even better, because it’s is greater and full of adventures, unexpected discoveries and it is also as fun as the Missing Locket. The characters are lovable and the story is never boring. Those who haven’t read the first novel won’t be lost, because Mary explains how it all started.

A great read for children! And, adults, read it with your children, you’ll see you’ll love it!

Veronika asks

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