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Posted: June 25, 2007 in Beauty and Fashion, Chick Lit, Veronika Asks Interviews
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Lisa Clark

Pink power! Lisa Clark and her sassy fiction-friend Lola Love show us the way to a pinkalicious life with their rocking books, “Think Pink” and “Beauty*Licious”!

Hi Lisa and Lola, and welcome on Veronika Asks! Please introduce yourself to our readers…
Howdy miss Veronika and reader-types!
Why, of course we will introduce ourselves, it would be positively rude of us not to!
I’m Lisa Clark author girl of the brand spankin’ new Lola Love series of go-for-it guides for girls, and I, Lola Love, am the hipster heroine who narrates these un-put-downable life guides along with my kooky clique of gal pals, the Pink Ladies – hola!

If you could describe yourself with three words…
Lisa: really rather fabulous
Lola: pink thinkin’ diva

Lisa, you’re Scorpio, aren’t you? They are known to be loyal friends, ambitious but also quite suspicious. Are you a typical Scorpion ? What is Lola’s sign? Do you and Lola like Astrology, horoscopes?
Lisa: How did you know that? That’s incredible! I am most deffo a typical Scorpio and I am absolutely obsesso about all things astrology, I read my stars every day and I’m even starting a course in September to study it!
Lola: I’m a Gemini, which, makes me very indecisive, I think!

Who is Lola Love? How did you create her? How did you get your first book published?
Lisa: Lola is a total superhero version of the teen girl I wish I’d been. She’s hella cooler than me and she’s got pink hair for goodness sake, I ALWAYS wanted pink hair! So, Lola is deffo based on the girl I wanted to be as a teen, but she’s still really real – we live in a world where girls are given all kinds of crazy-assed role models to aspire too – Nicole Richie? Paris Hilton? C’mon! I wanted readers to dig Lola, I didn’t want them to want to actually be her, I just wanted to create a character who helped girls to realise their own fabulous, just live a BFF would!
It took a whole lot of time to find a publisher who actually got what I wanted to do – I got a LOT of rejection letters, but finally I found an agent who totally got it and we kept sending it out until we found the sparkly-gorgeous Lindsey at HarperCollins, who got it too, we became the ‘got-it’ gang and made it happen – we had to do a whole lot of persuading, but seeing the finished result, well it was most definitely worth it, the books are freakin’ adoreable!

So, tell us everything about Beauty*Licious…
Lisa: Beauty*Licious is the 2nd in the Lola Love series and whether you’re petite or curvy, tall or small, redhead or blonde, it’s a book that will help you to celebrate what makes you stand out from the crowd and create your own kick-ass beauty blueprint – ‘coz girls, you’re Beauty*licious!
Lola and the Pink Ladies show you how to look great, think great and feel great. It’s a style bible that’s bursting with beauty tips and ideas on how to make the very best out of your own style and will give you great ideas on how to stay happy and healthy without having to resort to fad diets or unhealthy eating regimes.
Beauty*Licious is an absolute must-have for anyone who wants to be fun, feisty, fearless and fabulous on a daily basis!

And before Beauty*Licious, all the Pink Ladies in the world discovered Think Pink. What is it about? Why do you so love pink? Do you always think pink?
Think Pink is filled with everything a girl needs to become feisty, fun, fearless and fabulous – Lola and her kooky clique, The Pink Ladies, banish monotone thoughts of chubby tummies, bad school marks and arguing parents, and replaces them with the most exciting possibilities, because lets face it, life’s not a dress rehearsal, right?!
I do Think Pink, because when you do, life is substantially a whole lot sweeter! Y’see, pink Thinking is positive thinking.
In the book, Lola has pinked-tinted shades to highlight the benefits of seeing the so-called ‘real’ world filled with it’s constant comparisons, unrealistic media images and a need to strive for perfection, in a different, more positive way. Y’see when you Think Pink, anything is possible. You can live a life filled with thousands of candy-kissed, sunshine moments because you’re in control. What’s not to love about that?
I wear a LOT of pink too. If I’m having an antsy day where I’m all foot stompin’ grumpy, I put on a slick of pink lipgloss, my matching glitter-pink pumps and a variety of pink accessories, and I can’t fail to smile at my reflection!

Lola, will there be a fiction book about you and your Pink Ladies?
Lola: Yes, Miss Veronika, there will be – I can’t tell you a lot about them yet, partly because author-girl is in the process of writing them, so I don’t know what I’m going to do from one day to the next, but they’re definitely happening – how exciting is that?!

Lisa, you host a pinkalicious website, Pink World. How was it born and what is it about?
Lisa: I do! Pink World is the ‘zine I always wanted to read, it wasn’t out there, so I created it! It was also a great way to bag interviews with my favourite authors and music-girls and it helped people to understand what pink thinkin’ was really about.
It’s an extension of the books, it’s updated weekly and has interview with inspiring women, features on girls who are doing fabulous things, book reviews, news and has everything a girl needs to become feisty, fun, fearless and fabulous in her daily life!

Lisa, if you could give an advice to a girl…
Lisa: To love yourself up! Not when you’ve lost 5lb, not when you get your brace off, NOW – you’re YOU-nique chica, and that’s such a good thing!

What will Lola talk about in her upcoming guides?
There are lots more to come – but the next two, which will be super-cute handbag size, are called ‘It’s a Girl Thing’ and ‘Viva La Diva’ and are available from Jan 08!

Which books would you advice for a perfect summer read?
Lola and I LOVE reading books so we’ll both be reading LOTS this summer – Lola is a total fan of Cathy Cassidy so will be reading her latest Sundae Girl, while I will be getting sucked into Sarra Manning’s fab new Fashionista series – so, so good.

Want to add something, girls?
Thanks so much for having us come play Veronika – you rock n’ rule – mwaaaahhhh x

“Tea or Coffee?”
Lisa: Oh I LOVE these – how fabulous!

Saturday evening. Going out or read a book? Read a book on my way out!
Holidays. Beach or Mountains? Just been to Croatia – they have both – perfecto!
Country or City? I’m a total city girl – mmm the sweet intoxicating smell of exhaust fumes!
Watching a movie. Comedy or Drama (or something else?) Rom com, deffo! I love me a chick flick more than anything in the world!
Shy or Easy-going? Easy going!
Serious or Funny ? I couldn’t be serious if I tried!
Traveler or not ? I LOVE travelling!
Sporty or not ? NOT.
The Leader or not ? I love being part of a group but I don’t like to be TOTALLY in charge – I’m all about the sharing!


TV show: Ugly Betty – hands down, I’m head over flip flops in LOVE with that show!
Movie : Ever? Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Gentleman Prefer Blondes
Book : Namedropper by Emma Forrest
City : San Francisco – I’ve left my heart there, can’t wait to go back!
Food : Chocolate. Any kind!
Music : Oh I love so much music I can’t possibly choose – right now, I’m throwing shapes to 60s girl groups like The Ronnettes – LOVE it!
Favourite place to write in : my notebook, sat on the pebbles at the beach. Sigh.
Quote or motto: Think Pink!

Thank you, Lisa and Lola!
You can pay a visit to Lola and Lisa at Pink World!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Love Pink! Great interview 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    Pink rules! Viva Lola and Lisa

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