About Veronika (Asks)

Welcome! My name is Veronika, I’m an aspiring author and composer living in Altai. I wrote a lot of screenplays, novellas and songs – and am still dreaming of Agent, Publisher or Producer Charming. Working on it!

I’ve always wanted to know “how artists think and work” and wrote emails to my favorite authors, asking them for a piece of advice – and sometimes getting heart-warming replies. One of those wonderful authors was Sidney Sheldon (I grew up on “If Tomorrow Comes” and “Master of the Game”) and I still regret today that I didn’t ask him for an interview back then. Judging by his nice and welcoming email, I’m sure he would have accepted…

In 2006, I thought those pieces of advice and anecdotes could be interesting to other people and created Veronika Asks. I’m always happy to get emails from people telling me they enjoyed an interview or found useful information for a school assignment. Today, the blog features dozens of author interviews (Anne Fine, Kelly Asbury, Rosalind Miles, Nicholas Boothman, Holly Black, Jeffrey Archer…are among my favorites). Interviews with people I admire and learn a lot from.

Hello! This is me.

You can send me a message: veronikaasks@gmail.com
…listen to my music on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/NikaVeren
…follow on Twitter: http://twitter.com/veronikaasks

May you enjoy the blog, hope to see you again!
Dreams do come true. Best wishes, Veronika

A little tribute to Altai:

  1. Blisssfully says:

    The pictures are beautiful…I want to visit Altai!

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