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Kim KiyosakiBusinesswoman Kim Kiyosaki answers a couple of questions about “Rich Woman” for Veronika Asks on her live chat session on Facebook (you can also find there a link to the transcript)!

Hi Kim, I’m asking a few questions for my online magazine “Veronika Asks”: would you please say a few words about yourself (and your book “Rich Woman”) for those who don’t know you?
I wrote Rich Woman several years ago because as I traveled the world I saw more and more women with the same issues around money. Unfortunately many women don’t pay attention to their financial life until they have a “wake up call” – death of a spouse, divorce, illness. The purpose behind Rich Woman is to educate and encourage women to take charge of their financial life and not depend upon a husband, family member or government for their financial well-being. It’s not so much about managing your money, but about how to grow your money to be financially secure, and ideally, financially independent.

Do you have a role model you look up to when talking about money and business (real person or fictional character)? Somebody we should take example on too?
I have coaches or mentors in many areas of my life – business, investing, fitness, personal development. The value of a coach is that he or she holds me accountable to do what I say I’m going to do to get the results that I want. That’s why we offer Rich Woman coaching – sometimes you just need a kick in the butt.

Thank you, Kim!
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