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Review: “Curse of the Bayou” and “The Magician’s Castle” by Mary Cunningham

Have you ever dreamed of traveling in time, uncovering secrets from the past, taking a ship cruise from Paris to America, enrolling in a colorful circus, fighting dangerous pirates and visiting a magician’s castle? Here’s your chance with Mary Cunningham’s series “Cynthia’s Attic”!

In the third installment of the series “Curse of the Bayou“, tomboy Gus and picture-perfect Cynthia are on they way to dust away the mist wrapping the disappearance of Beau Connor, Cynthia’s great-grandfather. They’ll have to deal with a hungry alligator, awful dumplings, a bunch of colorful pirates and their parrot (keep an eye on your belongings with him) and a very special puma. You’re in 1914 New Orleans!

In “The Magician’s Castle“, Gus, Cynthia and their friend Annie will have to cruise between a chilling castle and a farm, fight a ruthless antique seller and help a century-old love story end with a “happily ever after”. A pretty heavy program, but not heavy enough to scare our sassy and inventive twelve year old.

A light-hearted action-packed comedy adventure that would make a great family movie or miniseries. Gus and Cynthia’s fans won’t be disappointed as they meet old acquaintances and make new friends in a whirlwind of humor, aventure and green and purple lights. A pleasant trip to the past…and the future.

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“Cynthia’s Attic : The Magic Medallion” by Mary Cunningham

Do you remember Gus and Cynthia, two girls living in the 60’s, who discovered a magic trunk they can use to travel in the past? The two girls are back in a second story, The Magic Medallion. The story takes place about a week after girl’s first travel. Now, they will to deal with “sinister clowns, stalkers on horseback, mystical forests, and the creepy, crawling curse”.

Those who loved The Missing Locket will enjoy the Magic Medallion even better, because it’s is greater and full of adventures, unexpected discoveries and it is also as fun as the Missing Locket. The characters are lovable and the story is never boring. Those who haven’t read the first novel won’t be lost, because Mary explains how it all started.

A great read for children! And, adults, read it with your children, you’ll see you’ll love it!

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