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Maggie SeftonKnitting can be very dangerous! Maggie Sefton, author of the Knitting Mysteries, will prove it with ease…

Hello Maggie and welcome to Veronika Asks for a mysterious interview! Could you please say a few words about yourself, first? If you could describe yourself with three words…
Energetic, curious, love to meet people and see new places.

Now tell us more about your latest release, “A Killer Stitch”, the fourth book in the Knitting Mysteries series.
Here’s a brief blurb : ‘Tis the season for knitters in chilly Fort Connor, Colorado: scarves, sweaters, mittens—and murder. Amid the seasonal cheer of her local family of cowboys and yarn weavers, Kelly Flynn’s intent on trying to separate innocence from icy deceit. . . The House of Lambspun has been bombarded for the holidays. In the midst of overflowing bins of sumptuous yarns, unexpected winter romance buzzes in chorus with the spindles of shy new spinning instructor Lucy Adair. But when an alpaca rancher is found dead in Bellevue Canyon, avid knitter and sometime-sleuth Kelly Flynn quickly puts these Front Range pastimes aside. With his reputation for lovin’ and leavin’ the ladies of Fort Connor, it seems a little strange that the victim’s final admirer was a fiancee. . .none other than the hopelessly bereaved Lucy Adair. Unluckily, Kelly also finds herself inked to the prime suspect in the case—a rejected former lover of the playboy rancher. Charged with keeping both spinner and spurned from going over the edge, she’ll discover more than a few secrets tangled on this triad’s bobbin.

Why did you choose the knitting world to set up your mysteries? That’s really uncommon, you’d rather say that nothing really scary can happen with knitting… Do you knit yourself?
Well, I didn’t choose it. I fell down the “rabbit hole” into that world of color and texture in May 2003 when I went into the Lambspun yarn shopin Ft. Collins, CO, to interview knitters for a non-fiction article I was writing. I didn’t knit, so I had to find people who did. Once I met the great people around the knitting table, I kept coming back everyweek—talking, learning to knit, having a loads of fun. Four months later, Kelly Flynn and friends “walked onstage” with their story. I’ve been writing novels for over 25 years and that’s how it always works forme. Anyway, I recognized the story as another amateur sleuth mystery since I’d just finished writing one with a real estate agent as sleuth. So, I started writing down the scenes that Kelly & friends were sending.

Is Kelly, your heroine, a bit like you?
Oh yes, I learned by sitting around the knitting table, getting instructions from the knitters. Just like Kelly.

What will happen to Kelly next? How many Knitting Mysteries do you think there will be?
Well—the next in the series, book #5, DYER CONSEQUENCES, will be out June 2008. In that book there’s a real honest, in-your-face threat to Kelly. There’s a murder to be solved and at the same time there’s a continuing building threat to Kelly. That culminates in the climax when Kelly is face to face with the killer, and the killer wants Kelly dead. And very nearly does it. I have no idea how many stories will be in the series. I’ll write them as long as the readers keep wanting to read them.

You also started a new series, the Real Estate Mysteries and the first novel is “Dying to sell”. This is really different from knitting! Tell us more about it!
Actually, DYING TO SELL was the first amateur sleuth mystery I wrote. It’s got a real estate agent as sleuth and she walks in and finds her client stabbed in the throat. (And yes, I did spend a few years as a real estate agent. Great fun).

How did you break into the publishing world?
I was first published back in 1995 in historical fiction. I’ve been writing novels for over 25 years and had written over one million words offiction before I wrote the first mystery in 2001-2002.

I read that you used to write Western Historical novels. Why did you switch to mystery?
I was writing great big historical sagas usually (which didn’t sell). The western was the exception. Finally it dawned on me that all of those books (over a million words) had mysteries in them. Several mysteries in each one. A lightbulb went off. And I realized I had contemporary mystery characters that wanted on stage too. Once I did–everything changed. Those books started selling.

How do you write (how, when, where…)?
I try to write regularly every day. This gets trickier when I’m traveling.

What do you think about eBooks?
I think they have a place in the publishing world.

What are you working on right now?
I’ve just finished revisions for the next book out in the series, DYER CONSEQUENCES, so now I’m working on the book that will be published after that one (Fall 2008) which will be a holiday-themed mystery—continuing characters, of course.

And now the famous Nothing-To-Do-With-Books question : You’ve just found 100 $ in your pocket, how will you use that money?
Put it in my travel fund. I love to travel.

Would you like to add something, Maggie?
Thanks for asking me, Veronika. I’ve enjoyed the interview.

“Tea or Coffee?”

Saturday evening. Going out or reading a book ? Half and half. I love going to the movies.
Holidays. Beach or Mountains ? I love both. Since I live in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, the mountains are definitely closer.
Country or City ? I’m a city girl, but I love relaxing in nature.
Watching a movie. Comedy or Drama (or something else ?) I love both and I love action-adventure. Thrillers, etc.
Shy or Easy-going ? Not shy anymore. I’m very out-going.
Serious or Funny ? Funny.
Traveler or not ? Definitely love to travel.
Sporty or not ? I used to play a lot of tennis but I’ve been a runner/jogger since the late 1970’s.
The Leader or not ? I can play it any way the group wants. I think groups have their own “dynamic.”


TV show: “LOST” and “24”
Movie : Ohhh, I can’t narrow it down. I see LOTS of movies.
Book : same answer
City : Paris, Washington, DC, New York
Food : yummy French cafe
Music : very wide and eclectic taste in music—from Rock to Bach
Favourite place to write: outside w/trees in shade
Quote or motto : Believe in yourself.

Thanks, Maggie!
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