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Review: “Curse of the Bayou” and “The Magician’s Castle” by Mary Cunningham

Have you ever dreamed of traveling in time, uncovering secrets from the past, taking a ship cruise from Paris to America, enrolling in a colorful circus, fighting dangerous pirates and visiting a magician’s castle? Here’s your chance with Mary Cunningham’s series “Cynthia’s Attic”!

In the third installment of the series “Curse of the Bayou“, tomboy Gus and picture-perfect Cynthia are on they way to dust away the mist wrapping the disappearance of Beau Connor, Cynthia’s great-grandfather. They’ll have to deal with a hungry alligator, awful dumplings, a bunch of colorful pirates and their parrot (keep an eye on your belongings with him) and a very special puma. You’re in 1914 New Orleans!

In “The Magician’s Castle“, Gus, Cynthia and their friend Annie will have to cruise between a chilling castle and a farm, fight a ruthless antique seller and help a century-old love story end with a “happily ever after”. A pretty heavy program, but not heavy enough to scare our sassy and inventive twelve year old.

A light-hearted action-packed comedy adventure that would make a great family movie or miniseries. Gus and Cynthia’s fans won’t be disappointed as they meet old acquaintances and make new friends in a whirlwind of humor, aventure and green and purple lights. A pleasant trip to the past…and the future.

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